Women’s Equality Day


Rachael Kline | Marketing Specialist
Sling TV LLC

Today in 2016, we have a woman running for the President of the United States, there’s a record number of women holding congress positions, and DISH Network just celebrated it’s one year anniversary of the Women’s Network founding. While we celebrate the monumental victories, it is equally important to keep a trained eye on the progress still need to be made across the world. In honor of Women’s Equality Day, let’s remember the work left to be done in equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunity not only across the country, but across the globe. Let’s strive to build up our female colleagues, friends, and even strangers, and focus our efforts on perpetuating the progress. Today in 2016, let’s work towards a universal perspective of women, and keep the big picture in mind. Let’s use the past progress as our fuel to continue forward. Happy Women’s Equality Day!

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