Women in Technology Conference

DISH Women’s Network leadership had the amazing opportunity to attend the Women in Technology Conference last Friday in Denver. As a blossoming organization, we were very eager and honored to be a part of this progressive conversation, and continue to support the DWN mission of inspiring women within the technical industry. This group of incredibly talented women are committed to the training and recruitment of female talent, and working to motivate future generations to become passionate about the tech sphere.

Below are some of our favorite learnings from the conference:

Catherine Avgiris, EVP & CFO – Comcast

– Break down glass walls so you can break through the glass ceiling.  

– Continue to seek diversity and cross-functionality in all the roles you pursue.

– Don’t be afraid to fail as long as you’re failing forward – Your title is less important as long as you’re continuing to expand your skillset.

– To be an effective leader, you need to be excellent. Take risks, but do everything with purpose and excellence in mind.

– Find your experts, but also be that expert for someone else.

– Radiate passion so that it is contagious.

– Nowadays, the corporate ladder is more like a jungle gym; Don’t limit yourself to just one direction if you want to make it to the top.

Molly Rauzi, CTO & Dionne Gomez, Account Manager and Consultant, Gagen MacDonald

– Realize there’s a difference between a sponsor and a mentor and make sure you have both. Mentors are there for advice whereas sponsors are there to help push you to expand.

– Sponsors aren’t always Managers; Often times they don’t even work in the same organization.

– People will see you however you represent yourself, so be sure to highlight your strengths.

Gail Coury, VP Risk Management – Oracle

– You can recover from bad decisions, but you can’t recover from indecision.

Bijal Shah, VP Analytics & Data Products – Ibotta

– Always learn something new – take an intro to coding class.

– Admit what you don’t know. Be humble.

– Network – sound yourself with talent!

– Keep up with technology trends and insights by reading media sites like Tech Crunch and Hacker News.

Lori Kirkland, VP of Experience Transformation, Universal Mind and SheSays

– Go out and do something now/just start!


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