What Amazon Moving to Denver Really Means

  • Guest contributor: Kathryn Rainville

As we all anxiously await Amazon to announce where it will be opening its second headquarters, some are already dreaming of a Denver with Amazon, and what it would mean. In a recent interview with the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce CEO Kristen Blessman, ABC discusses the benefits of Amazon moving here beyond the economic payout. While Amazon may be questioning whether Denver can provide the workforce that they need, Kristen Blessman points to the obvious: in a city becoming more focused on the tech industry, Amazon would thrive in our community. Not only would the organization bring talent to the state, but the state would provide would likely be able to obtain greater funding for STEM fields, which would focus on boosting women and young girls into the technology industry.

Finally, and perhaps the most exciting revelation in this interview, was Blessman’s announcement that based on a presentation researched by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce last year, “the wage gap is shrinking and doing really well in tech.” While men still dominate, “there’s less of a wage gap in tech jobs than there are in other industries that are actually dominated by women” ( team).

Although we still have room to improve, the success shown in their research, and the potential for one of the most successful businesses of all time to move to the Denver area, make for a promising outlook for the future of Denver.

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