Welcome Arizona DWN Chapter!

This month, we want to give a warm welcome to our Arizona DISH Women’s Network chapter. This chapter is headed by Vanessa Dunham and has 25 founding members. Here is my interview with Vanessa:

How do you intend to use the DWN platform to build up women in the AZ office?

My desire to be a part of empowering women by mentoring opportunities, education and training, encouragements and finding resources to help us all succeed prompted me to initiate the DWN chapter in Arizona. I’m fortunate enough to find a like-minded woman named Melissa Boillot, Human Resources Manager at the Phoenix Call Center, who has the same passion for making a difference to others. In the Gilbert TOC (DISH Technologies), there are about 200 employees total, 22 of which are women. On the other hand, the Phoenix Call Center has a total of 500 employees, majority of them are women.

The purpose of the Arizona Chapter of DISH Women’s Network is to bring men and women together to promote relationships and professional growth through networking, education, career development and visibility in the community. This is also a chance for everyone to make a difference in someone’s life. We could inspire and help one another. By networking regularly, participants get visibility and get to know each other, maybe build a great reputation for their business skills and winning personality.

By being a member, participants will be provided valuable resources – some from the DWN’s website, which include newsletters and inspiring videos of successful women. With the group’s support plus the beneficial information provided, it is up to us to seize the opportunity and use the information to advance our career and build relationships. Ultimately, the goal of AZ Chapter of Women’s Network is to empower men and women to become leaders.

Who is a part of your leadership team? How many members do you have in your chapter?

I founded DWN, Arizona chapter. Melissa Boillot is instrumental in recruiting the employees from Phoenix Call Center to attend the first meeting and facilitating the information back and forth with me. She has lead the community outreach and is actively involved in it. She also has qualifications for career advice and training. Kristen Baldwin has shown interest in leading the book club. Currently, we have 25 members total.

Have you held any events or have any planned for the near future?

Our first meeting went well. Since we are in different physical locations we agreed that we’ll be meeting once a month. We have agreed to have 2-3 women each month to present or share a book they read to the group regarding topics of self -development and/or career advancement-related books during the meeting. As suggested, the group also agreed in reaching out and giving back to the community. The AZ Chapter of DWN will be participating in the DISH Cares (Dish Day of Service at St. Mary’s Food bank) on September 30, 2017. There was also a request to invite guests that are proficient in resume writing and maybe assisting the women in performing great job interviews.



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