Times Up: Plans Fueling Progress

A goal without a plan is just a wish- which is why an army of 300 Hollywood Women teamed up to strategize and mobilize an industry and a nation.  Powerhouses ranging from America Ferrara to Shonda Rhimes to Eva Longoria developed an actionable plan, aiming to protect women across all walks of life, from their Hollywood counterparts to female factory workers. The goal? To secure  equality across all industries, income brackets, and ethnicities.

The initiative includes: a $13M legal defense fund to protect less privileged women from systematic workplace harassment; legislation to eliminate silencing of victims; gender parity inside production studios and agencies; and a request for women walking the Golden Globes red carpet to stand united in all black attire.

Across the world, gender parity is in the spotlight. With progress ranging from Saudi Arabian women gaining the right to drive to Iceland making it illegal to pay a woman less for the same job as a male. The United States certainly lies somewhere in between, and the Times Up initiative is a promising, powerful push in the right direction.

Importantly, the plan is inclusive of all women: young, old, mothers, childless- there is no barrier to entry for equality. Times Up relies on volunteered time, harnessing the power of individuals to come together in small groups to support the plan and drive the change. Shonda Rhimes poses the question, “If this group of women can’t fight for a model for other women who don’t have as much power and privilege, then who can?”

The movement is a glimmer of hope for women across the country, and world, who strive for better treatment within and outside of the work place. With the dedication and an actionable plan spearheaded by some of the nation’s most powerful women, anything is possible. As America Ferrera noted, “not taking action is no longer an option.”

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