The Summer of the Female C-Suite

It may be too soon to declare this, but this seems to be the summer of female CEOs and C-Suite appointments.

Between Heineken appointing a woman as the CEO of the USA division, and GM appointing another woman to the C-Suite (as the CFO), we are seeing a few more cracks in the glass ceiling.

Heineken’s appointment of Maggie Timoney marks “…the first woman to lead a major U.S. beer supplier” (Schultz). Timoney has an impressive resume with the company, and arguably a better reputation. After spending the previous five years as CEO in Ireland, she has been regarded by her colleagues as “…a competitive and energetic leader who is known for inspiring teams, operationalizing plans and mobilizing organizations to deliver business results” (Schultz). In an industry that has remained male-dominated, and smaller breweries (even those that become major) are passed down through generations, Timoney’s appointment demonstrates the rise of women in the industry, and the relevance of female leaders in the alcohol industry.

Mentorships, allies, and women supporting each other all stick out in the story of Dhivya Suryadevara’s ascention to GM’s CFO position. Mary Barra (GM’s CEO) “…selected another high-achieving woman to join her in the executive suite” (Muller). Currently Vice President-Corporate Finance, she will begin as CFO effective September 1st. With her appointment, GM joins the “small handful of companies” who have a woman in both the CEO and CFO positions (Muller). However, this promotion, while impressive, is just the latest for Barra. Since she became CEO, she has made a point to promote “…prominent management roles in important and dynamic areas of the company, and these unsung heroines are now climbing the corporate ladder behind her…” (Muller).

With these promotions, who knows. Maybe next summer, although hopefully sooner, will be the next season of the Female C-Suite.


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