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7 Tips for an improved new year outlook

As each year ends, we reflect and make inventory of our experiences and learnings during the year. This time is a great opportunity to adjust courses and commit to improve different areas of our lives. The following tips can be useful on that endeavor.

1. Take time to reflect and know yourself 
Reflect and revisit how you act and learn about your predispositions.

2. Set aside time for relaxation 
Separate time to rest and contemplate nature.

3. Perform activities that you enjoy 
Spend time with your family, exercise, go to art festivals or sports events.

4. Seek for opportunities to learn in your areas of interest 
Read an interesting book, go to trainings or workshops, take a class, pursue a certification.

5. Take advantage of networking events 
Listen to others and share your experiences. Stay connected.

6. Contribute in your community and workplace 
Volunteer in your community, be part of corporate initiatives, join a collective group and collaborate.

7. Be present 
Take in as much as you can from every experience.

Here at the DISH Women’s Network, we strive to provide opportunities to inspire and help people connect through our networking events such as the First Friday Coffee. We also … Read more and comment