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The Sleep Deficit and How to Overcome It

As women, we hear the ever-present messaging to “lean in” to our careers. We’re applauded for our late nights at the office and wear busy-ness as a badge of honor among our peers. Even with the desire for more work-life balance, we find that the other voices in our world can be louder and more pervasive: “Lean in.” “Work hard, play hard.” “The early bird gets the worm.” One of the ways that we suffer most is in our sleep. Globally, we are experiencing a growing sleep deficit and there are several indicators that sleep deficit has a greater impact on women than men.

Women spend more time sleeping than men on every day of the week, according to a 2014 study by Sleep Cycle, but that that doesn’t mean women are getting the right type of sleep. People in the United States experience some of the worst sleep quality worldwide (Hall, 2015). Women are also 20% more likely to suffer from insomnia (Anderson, 2017). Single working women and working moms with young children are logging the worst sleep, usually logging only 6 hours to the 7.5 hour minimum that most adults need to be happy and healthy.

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“Six Going on Sixteen”

Rachael Kline | Marketing Specialist
Sling TV LLC

A six-year-old is susceptible to many things in their new world. Discovering a favorite food, joining a t-ball league, welcoming a new sibling into the world, a favorite Disney Channel character. Skewed gendered beliefs about themselves should not be on this list, but in today’s world, this is an alarming reality.

                A study conducted by The University of Illinois yielded stark results pointing to a fundamental transformation occurring with females between the ages of 5 and 6. At age 5, both boys and girls associate brilliance with their own gender. Beginning at age 6, a shift occurs where young girls begin associating “smart” and “really smart” character traits to men, rather than their own gender. Interestingly, when girls in the study were prompted to play one of two games, either: a game for the “really, really smart” or game 2, for those who “try really, really hard.” The study notes that, “at the age of 5, girls and boys were equally attracted to both games. But among those aged 6 or older, the girls were less interested than the boys in the game for smart kids, but not the one for

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Worklife Balance: What Male CEOs Have to Stay…

Author: Angela Vincent, Marketing Manager

Angela has over 28 years of advertising, sales and marketing experience, 16 of which have been earned right here at DISH. She currently manages the Creative Exchange graphic design team in Sales (Specialized Distribution).

Our work-life balance culture is improving and headed in the right direction, according to feedback gathered from male CEOs in the Wall Street Journal report: We Ask Male CEOs” What’s Your Work-Life Balance? (You’ll need to subscribe to the WSJ to read the whole article.)  Multiple male CEOs were interviewed and asked to share personal details about how they juggled a heavy load of career responsibilities while maintaining a fulfilling home life…or did they even attempt do both?

Some good news:

  • It’s not just a women’s issue. Most male CEOs may not often volunteer the answer to the quandary unless asked the question, but they do care and are executing strategies to achieve better balance than men in past decades.
  • Some report that it’s difficult, but yet very important for CEOs to “set the tone” that executives do care about the work-life balance. Some even make their calendars public in an effort to convey that particular message and encourage employees
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One of the main pillars of DISH Women’s Network is: women supporting, impacting and uplifting other women. Similar to the mission of #LEANINTOGETHER, DWN works to offer mentorship opportunities, workplace allies, and overall growth support of fellow women within the DISH culture and technology industry.  Separately, we are powerful – but united, we are unstoppable.

Please take a minute out of your busy Monday to watch this video from the Lean In campaign. It will certainly remind you to take a moment to celebrate the progress of your female co-workers and remember that together, we can go further!


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Women in Technology Conference

DISH Women’s Network leadership had the amazing opportunity to attend the Women in Technology Conference last Friday in Denver. As a blossoming organization, we were very eager and honored to be a part of this progressive conversation, and continue to support the DWN mission of inspiring women within the technical industry. This group of incredibly talented women are committed to the training and recruitment of female talent, and working to motivate future generations to become passionate about the tech sphere.

Below are some of our favorite learnings from the conference:

Catherine Avgiris, EVP & CFO – Comcast

– Break down glass walls so you can break through the glass ceiling.  

– Continue to seek diversity and cross-functionality in all the roles you pursue.

– Don’t be afraid to fail as long as you’re failing forward – Your title is less important as long as you’re continuing to expand your skillset.

– To be an effective leader, you need to be excellent. Take risks, but do everything with purpose and excellence in mind.

– Find your experts, but also be that expert for someone else.

– Radiate passion so that it is contagious.

– Nowadays, the corporate ladder is more

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Leadership team grows!

When Paris approached me about helping with the Women’s Network in January of 2015 I never imagined it would grow into such a phenomenal network. Her vision and drive brought us to launch and we have since added over 480 members and two chapters. As we look towards the future at DISH we are continually excited to see the progress and empowerment of women in the workforce.

With that, we are excited to bring on nine additional team members. This team will help drive our pillars and better serve the woman at DISH. These women and their support teams are volunteering their time and talent to help this network expand and we are grateful for their willingness to serve. The leadership of our peers continues to  impress us and we are thrilled to welcome these women to the team.


President: Paris Bradley

Vice President: Michelle Calkins

Book Club Manager: Karen Modlin

Digital Manager: Fatima Azamtarrahian

Membership Management Team

  •  Internal Membership Manager: Rachel Weinstein
  • External Membership Manager: Tina Wisler
  • Community Outreach Manager: Harsimrat Kandhari (Sim)


Media Manager: Kyler Turnball

Events Manager: Samantha Velarde

HR Manager: Megan Donnelly



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Equal Pay Day

Today is “Equal Pay Day” in the US. Wait, it’s what day? Today marks how far into 2016 women have to work (on average) to earn what men earned in 2015. Right now, women make about 79 cents for every dollar earned by men. To learn more read The Skimm’s article here.

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Gals Who Golf (or at least try to)

– Guest Writer, Christie Groves 

I originally learned to golf for business purposes. In that particular tournament, I was one of three women playing out of over 75 people. I’m still baffled today when people seem so surprised when I tell them I can golf. Now, let me be realistic here… I use that sentence, “I can golf” very loosely. I can hit the ball. Sometimes it goes far, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it goes straight, most of the time it doesn’t. My point is that I enjoy it and I know there are more women out there at DISH who enjoy it too!

Back in the good ‘ol days (as my father would put it), DISH held the DISH Open golf tournament in which our Executive Leadership would get together for a day full of fun for a great cause. For some reason or another, the tradition trickled out until 2 years ago when some fantastic individuals in our Telco Indirect Sales Department brought it back to life. The DISH Open charity tournament is now open to all employees at DISH, but space is limited and it fills up quickly! Below are some of the necessary details:

·  When: Saturday,

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Teaching Our Girls to be Brave

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This video certainly clicked for me. I’ve started seeing this with my oldest daughter and her math homework (algebra in the 6th grade!). If she comes home with an unfamiliar concept or if she’s lacking the confidence, she won’t even start the homework. Although we’ve had conversations about self-confidence and the importance of being secure with who you are, we’ve never talked about bravery, being courageous, or taking risks. She needs to know that failure is okay, and that she should have the courage to do so. Often.

– Guest Writer, Jason Wilson

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Disney’s Zootopia Features A Groundbreaking Female Lead

Today Disney’s latest animated film, Zootopia, premieres in theatres across the country. But their newest film is uniquely different than any other animated movie. In Zootopia, the protagonist is a driven, intelligent bunny named Judy Hopps, who dreams of having a professional life, not of finding her prince. It’s been unheard of in mainstream animation to have the female lead’s love interest be her career, not a charming prince. This movie is groundbreaking for Disney, and personally I’m thrilled to see a different type of female lead portrayed to our youth. Read Article

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