Meet the New York DISH Women’s Network Chapter

DWN welcomes the newly formed New York chapter this month! On March 3, the new chapter held their kick-off meeting and discussed their goals, objectives and talked about past DWN objectives. They also held a cookie bake-off on March 22 to discuss their 6-month plan. Their leadership committee is composed of 9 members, with Alexi Rosenberg heading up this committee. They can be reached at

Alexis Rosenberg is the founding member in the New York office. She has been with DISH 8 years and is currently an account executive on the Direct Response team. Alexis says that she has always been interested in Women’s Rights. As a working mother, she stands up for mother’s rights and thought it was a positive change when her office incorporated a women’s nursing room. She is the founder of Direct Response Saleswomen, an organization that hosts networking events for women in the industry.

Mary Burfete has been a part of DISH for 4 years and in her industry for 17 years. Mary started at Viacom and held positions at VHI, Fox News, Huffington Post and Current TV. She is an account executive on the Direct Response team. She thinks DWN will give women in the office the opportunity to learn from each other in their varied backgrounds and ideologies. She looks forward to what they can share, as a group.

Kate Mustakas started her career at DISH 2 years ago. She works in Media Sales. Strong women in leadership roles inspired her to join the women’s rights movement. She believes that DWN will be a platform for women to put their ideas together and advance women’s rights.

Anna Kung celebrated her 1 year DISH anniversary this past month. Anna has previously worked for Avaya and VH1. She has been a part of an Asian-American group and has seen the benefit of that type of supportive network. She hopes to continue that supportive environment in DWN, be part of a network and contribute to growth in women within the chapter.

Justin Dobies is an account executive that has been part of DISH since June of 2016. He previously worked for (the agency side of) Zenith, Horizon, PAC 12 networks and NBC Universal. This background has given him insight into the industry and a unique perspective. He wanted to be involved in the DISH Women’s Network because of the example of his wife. Her vocation and great ideas inspired him to want to champion women in the industry. Justin believes DWN can be a great way to empower women in the company.

Nicole Zabita has been a General Market Account Executive for Media Sales at DISH for a year and half, though her experience in the industry is nearing 20 years. She began at CBS as an Assistant in the planning department, moved to the buying side as an Assistant Buyer at Carat, moved over to Zenith Media where she finished my buying career as an Associate Buying Director. The next step was to the sales side as an Account Executive, starting at Current TV which became Al Jazeera America. We have a strong group of women in the NYC office and Nicole believes DWN is a great way for all of us to be empowered not only at DISH, but in our careers overall.

Cynthia Santos started her career at DISH 9.5 years ago, she’s been a part of the DISH Media Sales team since 2007 when she joined the company as a Sales Assistant. She has grown through the ranks being promoted to Account Service Rep and then AE where she has worked on the Direct Response team for the past 4 years. She is interested in cultivating a strong work environment for women and hopes to help create a place where women feel they can advance.

Lizzie Owen is the newest member to the DISH Media Sales marketing team, managing DMS’s efforts in digital marketing, events and sponsorships. She has always been interested in women’s advancements and also manages a women’s-only blog that encourages females to be the best version of themselves. She also coordinates social events in New York for like-minded women to catch-up over a glass of wine.

Shalyn O’Malley is also one of the newest members of the NY DWN.

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