Meet the Liaisons

The Meridian Liaison program provides a point of contact in each department and aims to grow membership, increase engagement and facilitate feedback among our members. Find your department’s liaison.

Accounting  – Laurie Carlson

Billing & Credit – Emily Halbach

BPaT – Annie Mitoma

CSC – Leah Young

CSC – John Eckert

DGC – Julia Moran

Finance –  Morgan Sasser

HR – Paige Anderson

HR recruiting – TaKeisha Carey

IHS – Kaila Bayes

IT  – Jeremy Van Essen

IT –  Beth Mielke

IT –  Then Asokan

LEAD – Christina Hollister

Marketing – Carly French

Marketing OneTen – Linda Carpenter

PR – Chrissy Tansey

Product – Sanam Chakraborty

Programming – Kate Ehrhardt

Programming – Maxi Benndorf-Brown

Sales – Retail – Christie Groves

Sales Training – Erin Tillet

Sling – Ryann Starks

Sling – Sabrina Szymczak

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