DISH Collective Resource Groups Present: Hack Your Biased Brain


Come Hack Your Biased Brain!

Join DISH’s Resource Groups (DISH Women’s NetworkEmpowered Parents NetworkVeterans Resource GroupOUT @ DISHAfrican American Network) in this exclusive training event on unconscious bias and how to become an ally.

This training is presented by Maureen Berkner-Boyt, founder of The Moxie Exchange. The Moxie Exchange’s Mission is to “help you disrupt unconscious bias and create inclusive workplaces where talent can thrive.”

Training Summary

Unconscious bias. It’s impacting all of us, all the time. Everyone wants a level playing field, but very few people understand the underlying dynamics that prevent that from happening. If you have a brain, you have bias, and the best of intentions are useless without the tools to tackle the real issue. We’ll walk through common unconscious bias tripwires that impact you, your team and your organization. And we’ll show you how to hack your biased brain and interrupt that bias every step of the way. When you get this right, you’re more effective, your team is stronger and you’re building a more inclusive world.

Program participants will leave with:

  • What unconscious bias is and why we’re all biased, regardless of our backgrounds
  • How bias shows up in organizations and how to interrupt it to make more inclusive decisions about people
  • The rules and norms of inclusive teams
  • How to hack your biased brain using the A.P.I. structure
  • A framework for everyday inclusion, including how to be an ally, creating safety, and having difficult conversations as a team and as an individual when (not if!) diversity and inclusion challenges arise

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