Find Your Power

Have you ever felt rejected for speaking up in a meeting or wished you would have spoken up to share your great idea? No matter what side of the spectrum you find yourself, you are not alone. This Ted Talk can help you! Social psychologist Adam Galinsky brings a fresh idea to the table. Many have been led to believe that women who don’t speak up go unnoticed, and women who do speak up get rejected solely because of their gender.

Galinsky shares years of study and personal experience to challenge this idea with the notion that rejection or disregard have little to do with gender, and more to do with power. If this is so, how do we obtain the power to be noticed and not rejected? He proposes that women need to understand two basic truths in relation to power: both how they see themselves, and how others perceive them. Power is what gives individuals the “right” to speak up. Join millions of others who have viewed this talk, and learn the tools needed to obtain that power.

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