Featured Woman – Tosha Zeitlin

Tosha Zeitlin, Director of Service Management

Each month we aim to recognize a woman who embodies the spirit of the DISH Women’s Network. This month, Michelle and I wanted to feature Tosha Zeitlin. Without Tosha’s support over the past two months, the network website would not exist. She carved time out of her crazy schedule, often working nights, to help us launch From hand drawing potential logos, to sitting for hours with Michelle and I to brainstorm the look and feel of the site, she constantly lead the charge to ensure this website would be industry leading. It was an honor working with such a driven, intelligent woman. For these reasons, and many more, Tosha is our first featured woman of the month. We sat down with her to ask her some questions to give you more insight into who Tosha Zeitlin is as a person and professional, and why we chose to feature her this month. Enjoy.


Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

I am inspired by passionate people, like Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer, and Sheryl Sanberg to name a few. When someone is able to demonstrate what they are passionate about and let nothing, or anyone, stand in their way, this energizes me and inspires me to reach higher.

 What’s on your bucket list?

Seems like this list only gets longer, as soon as I knock an item off I am adding something new.

Here are some personal things I want to accomplish sooner than later –

–        Read the top #50 classic books of all time

–        Travel to all 7 continents, maybe 6 as I am not sure about Antarctica   

–        Conquer my fear of heights, maybe parachute

–        Travel the world and swim in every ocean I see

–        Visit all 50 states, currently at 26

–        Visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side

–        Hike in the Grand Canyon

–        Visit Yellowstone

–        Complete a marathon, and put that 26.2 sticker on my car

–        Work actively with a non-profit organizations committed to women’s issues


If you could give one piece of career advice to women, what would it be? 

Be yourself, know your values and don’t let anyone else define you.  Staying true to who you are will uniquely set you apart and always feel genuine to everyone around you. 

What motivates you to come to work every day?

I am motivated by my inner drive to succeed and the opportunity that every day brings.  I feel very fortunate to be working with intelligent, talented and passionate people here at Dish.   I am continually trying to improve in everything I do and I enjoy helping others on their journey to reach their full potential and goals.

Tell us one mistake you made in your career. How did you learn from it?

 One that stands out was back in college I was an IT computer operator at MCI.  On my first grave yard shift, of course tired, I missed a crucial step kicking off a backup procedure.  In my haste I went back and did the step, but it was too late.  We were hard down the next morning, they had to fly in a repair crew and the call center sat fully staffed while this was completed.  This was formative for me, I learned that following standard operating procedures is not optional, slowing down to ensure things are done right is far more important than having them done fast.  And I learned grace, from my manager who valued me and did not fire me on the spot, and even more importantly grace from myself, to not give up and continue following my passion in the Information Technology field.

 What’s your biggest accomplishment thus far?

My biggest accomplishment so far is being a mother to my two boys, Braeden and Connor.  I am a role model for them, not just telling them, but showing them my values, my work ethic, my optimism, my caring for others and my ability to persevere even when things are tough.  I am inspired every day watching them grow into young men who value others, are hungry for education, excited to explore and make a difference in the world.  Experiencing this makes me excited for the next generation and hopeful for our future.



As the Director of Service Management, Tosha is responsible for IT Tools, Change Management & SCM, Application Support, and ERP Support.

 Tosha holds a BS degree in Information Systems from the University of Colorado, Denver and an Executive MBA from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.

 Tosha joined Dish in 2008. Since that time she has grown her career with Dish by accepting increasingly challenging and critical roles and responsibilities. Her experience ranges from managing our last major Dish receiver smart card swap to being the first employee assigned to the Business Transformation program and most recently leading our Software Engineering Development (SED) team.

 Tosha is a dynamic leader who has earned a reputation across Dish for building winning teams and delivering superior results for our customers and was promoted to Director in February 2015.

 It’s the people and the environment that keep Tosha here.  “In my career, I’ve never had the opportunity to work with such dedicated and extremely talented people.”  

 Tosha and her husband, John, have two sons, Braeden and Connor.



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    What a wonderful leader, I couldn’t think of a better woman to feature. Congrats Tosha!

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