DWN Training: Communicating with Moxy


Join DISH Women’s Network and The Moxy Lab for this impactful communications training. The Moxy Lab’s Founder, Shana Cordon, will be sharing a small piece of her organization’s expertise in the communication and personal presence. If you’re hoping to create more impactful communication, improve your active listening, or have a more powerful personal presence, this training is for you!

Training Description:

Women in leadership walk a tightrope. Seen as too demanding or too meek, too emotional or too cold, women must find an authentic balance in a male-dominated work culture.

In this interactive presentation, we’ll review what research tells us about standards in communication and Executive Presence for women. We’ll illuminate characteristics that distract from or diminish one’s credibility, present approaches and tools to increase presence and influence, and view communication challenges in the context of Mindfulness. With Mindfulness we can remain balanced and grounded, even in the most challenging circumstances. This is how we make an impact, we show up with the confidence, as our best selves, for a more rewarding career.

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