DWN Mentor and Advisor Program (MAP)

The DWN Leadership Team has been hard at work developing member programs based on your feedback. We’ve heard one thing loud and clear – you want mentors!

With that in mind, we’re proud to announce the creation of the DWN Mentor and Advisor Program (MAP).

MAP is a self-driven platform that will help potential mentees connect with mentors – and vice versa! 

Mentors will be categorized based on the skills they select as their strengths, and mentees will have the ability to find mentors based on which skills they are seeking to learn. Examples include communication, business acumen, leadership, relationship building, and more

To learn more, or if you have any questions, please email:


Please note: Women and men are welcome to participate.


How do I sign up?

· Go to the DWN MAP Home page

· Scroll to the bottom and fill out the “Sign Up” information.

· Enter your email and select “Mentor,” “Mentee,” or “Both.” Select “Next”

· On the next page, make sure to hit “Submit” so your responses are saved


I want to be a Mentee!

· For Mentees, browse our Mentor Profiles to find available mentors. Mentors are categorized by skills to help better match your needs for career development

· Once you find a potential mentor, reach out to them directly via their preferred contact method

· I want to be a Mentor!


For Mentors, please complete these additional steps:

· Open the Mentor Profile Template

· Make a copy of the Template: select “File” > “Make a copy”

· Save the Template copy to your Google My Drive

· Once you complete your Mentor Profile, click the “Share” button in the upper right corner

· Share the form with DWN.Mentorship@dish.com. The DWN MAP team will then upload your form to our Mentor Profiles

*Please make sure your profile Google Doc is set to “Anyone at DISH Network can find and view” in the link sharing options