DWN Leader Series: Supriya Surender – Life with Alopecia

Join DWN for this Leader Speaker Series with Supriya Surender.

About this Event

Supriya Surender joined DISH in 2011 and currently works as a Senior Analyst for CXO’s Voice of the Customer team.

Her life took an unexpected turn in 2015, when she lost all of her hair to the auto-immune disease, Alopecia. As someone who has spent the majority of her adult life dealing with anxiety and depression, Alopecia was a devastating blow to her self-worth and overall mental health. After having a near death experience with a pulmonary embolism in 2017, Supriya went from fighting mental health demons to finding a new lease on life.

Now she has turned her Alopecia into a passion and purpose by starting a blog called Baldie Boo. Supriya uses her life struggles to connect with others who are dealing with hair loss and strives. Her hope is to inspire those in the hair loss community who have lost hope, and show them that they can, and will, find their light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dark.


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