DWN Fireside Chat with Annicka Stevens, DISH IT Director

Join DWN at DISH Grand Central to hear Cody McDonald interview Annicka Stevens, DISH’s IT Director over Billing Applications and Wireless

About this Event:

Throughout her time with the company, Annicka Stevens has worked as a call center agent, GE / trainer, ran BingoTV, and managed back office teams responsible for customer account management and more. She assumed her latest role as IT Director of Billing Applications and Wireless last year as just another milestone in her storied career.

Cody McDonald is a Senior Product Manager in Wireless Engineering. During this interview she’ll be asking Annicka questions about her career, mentorship, and her experience as a women in a technological field.

Both Cody & Annicka are active and influential members of the DISH Women’s Network. We’re so grateful for their support and time!

Unfortunately due to AV restrictions at Denver Grand Central, this event will not be live streamed. We will make every effort to record this event and post at a later date.

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