DWN: Building Relationship Capital

We are excited to have Evan Roth come in to do a presentation on Building Relationship Capital. Learn more about Evan at

About this Event

In the COVID world that we are in, most professionals have indicated that they miss the in-person interactions with their colleagues. There is an awakening that relationships matter, perhaps even more than originally thought – not just for our business and professional success, but for our own human well-being.

The trite saying is “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Research shows that most professional women prefer for their work to speak for itself. Merit should matter more than it does. The reality is that relationships are just as instrumental, if not more so, for career advancement and career success. The good news is that women excel at building genuine relationships.

Building relationship capital is being intentional about deepening existing relationships and adding new relationships that advance our careers. Relationships require investment and they pay dividends, just like capital. Relationships are much like plants – without care and feeding, they wither. Work relationships have different attributes – our allies differ from our acquaintances, and from our power brokers. In this workshop, we will examine all these topics and provide tips and tools for developing one’s relationship capital – a skill that women have an advantage over men.

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