Dish Women’s Network: Liaison Launch

       As the DISH Women’s Network continues to grow and foster member’s connections, we are excited to announce the recent launch of our Meridian Liaison program! The goals of the Liaison program include increasing member engagement, growing membership and male involvement, and facilitating feedback between various departments and the greater organization. Through networking, education and career-development, our driving force is to empower women at DISH to become leaders.

       The 23 DISH Liaisons will be the main points of contact between individual departments and the network. These representatives work to engage new employees, promote awareness, encourage participation in events, and represent their department’s suggested events, speakers and other involvement opportunities. Throughout the year, the Network organizes a multitude of events, including Leader Series, Networking, Book Clubs, Education Trainings and Community Involvement. We want to ensure that the information is disseminated to you and your department in a timely fashion, and we want to hear from you!

       As you may become more involved in the Network, we encourage you to reach out to your Liaison to ask questions, provide feedback and foster new connections within- and outside of- your departments. To meet your liaison, check out the team here. We look forward to seeing new and old faces at upcoming events, and thank you for your help in achieving our goals!



Accounting  – Laurie Carlson

Billing & Credit – Emily Halbach

BPaT –  Kelly Martin

CSC –  Cydney Ringlespaugh

Finance –  Morgan Sasser

HR – Paige Anderson

HR recruiting – TaKeisha Carey

IHS – Kaila Bayes

IT  – Jeremy Van Essen

IT –  Beth Mielke

IT –  Then Asokan

LEAD – Christina Hollister

Marketing – Carly French

OneTen – Linda Carpenter

PR – Chrissy Tansey

Product – Kathy Graham

Programming – Kate Ehrhardt

Sales – Commercial – Linnea Goebel

Sales – Retail – Christie Groves

Sales Training – Erin Tillet

Sling – Ryann Starks

Sling – Sabrina Szymczak

SlingDGC – Julia Moran

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