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Have you ever felt rejected for speaking up in a meeting or wished you would have spoken up to share your great idea? No matter what side of the spectrum you find yourself, you are not alone. This Ted Talk can help you! Social psychologist Adam Galinsky brings a fresh idea to the table. Many have been led to believe that women who don’t speak up go unnoticed, and women who do speak up get rejected solely because of their gender.

Galinsky shares years of study and personal experience to challenge this idea with the notion that rejection or disregard have little to do with gender, and more to do with power. If this is so, how do we obtain the power to be noticed and not rejected? He proposes that women need to understand two basic truths in relation to power: both how they see themselves, and how others perceive them. Power is what gives individuals the “right” to speak up. Join millions of others who have viewed this talk, and learn the tools needed to obtain that power.

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Welcome Arizona DWN Chapter!

This month, we want to give a warm welcome to our Arizona DISH Women’s Network chapter. This chapter is headed by Vanessa Dunham and has 25 founding members. Here is my interview with Vanessa:

How do you intend to use the DWN platform to build up women in the AZ office?

My desire to be a part of empowering women by mentoring opportunities, education and training, encouragements and finding resources to help us all succeed prompted me to initiate the DWN chapter in Arizona. I’m fortunate enough to find a like-minded woman named Melissa Boillot, Human Resources Manager at the Phoenix Call Center, who has the same passion for making a difference to others. In the Gilbert TOC (DISH Technologies), there are about 200 employees total, 22 of which are women. On the other hand, the Phoenix Call Center has a total of 500 employees, majority of them are women.

The purpose of the Arizona Chapter of DISH Women’s Network is to bring men and women together to promote relationships and professional growth through networking, education, career development and visibility in the community. This is also a chance for everyone to make a difference in someone’s life. We could inspire … Read more and comment

Featured Woman – Patti Fries

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2 years, 1000+ members!

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Meet the New York DISH Women’s Network Chapter

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Dress for Success 5K Powerwalk

Dress for Success is holding a 5K Powerwalk event on Saturday, April 22nd, 10 AM at Central Park Stapleton. This is an exciting opportunity to help empower women who are working toward success and a better future.

“Proceeds from the Dress for Success Power Walk fund programs for women in Denver living below poverty level, empowering them to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help them thrive in work and life. Dress for Success is a wonderful organization that makes a huge difference in the lives of these women:”

*   100% of clients lived under the poverty level before coming to Dress for Success

*   76% of these women who participate in the Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group remain employed!

“We truly are about women helping other women find their way. The women that come to us are ready and eager to find work and start a career that will allow them to take care of their families. We provide clothing, coaching and confidence – the rest is up to them, but it sure helps having others believe in you and a voice saying – you can … Read more and comment

International Women’s Day: Standing Up to the Bull

This week the DISH Women’s Network is inspired by the outpouring of actions for International Women’s Day. One particular action stands out as a true change catalyst.

State Street Global Advisors, an investor unit within State Street Corp, has unveiled a new statue on Wall Street: a young girl defiantly standing in front of the Bull on Wall Street.

They have input the statue to encourage and challenge boards to increase the number of women on their boards. Companies that fail to increase the number of women will be voted against boards by the Advisors.

We applaud this effort as not only symbolic but as a true action of change.

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“A Woman’s Job:” A New Original Series from Newsy

Newsy has a new series called “A Woman’s Job.” The series will showcase women succeeding in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Here is the series synopsis:

“These are the women redefining what womanhood means. Pioneers, paving their own way in what people think is a man’s world. On the farm, in the arena and under the hood, “A Woman’s Job” profiles women who are killing it in male-dominated jobs.”

About The Episodes:

Experience a day in the life of women working in male-dominated jobs.

Subjects include:

  • March 8 (Wednesday) – Jen Welter, first female full-time NFL coach
  • March 15 – Patrice Banks, mechanic and founder of Girls Auto Clinic
  • March 22 – Anne Briggs Bohnett, woodworker and farmer
  • March 29 – Erica Douglas, chemist
  • April 5 – Lisa Geertsen, blacksmith
  • April 12 – Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, executive chef


Watch the Trailer

You can watch the series on Sling TV beginning on International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2017), airing at 8pm / 9pm ET. Not a Sling Subscriber? Sign up hereRead more and comment

Reviewing “A Rare Corner of Finance Where Women Dominate”

In, “A Rare Corner of Finance Where Women Dominate,” the article discusses how women are pioneering the way in corporate governance for mutual and pension funds. Corporate governance votes on Directors of a company’s board, and also make decisions affecting teachers, doctors, government workers, and people who have 401(k) accounts.

Why are there more women in this sphere than in other areas of finance? The article mentions engaging in companies, a diplomatic message to work with companies rather than coming in with guns blazing.

Michelle Edkins of BlackRock said women tended to be less confrontational than men. “We don’t meet with C.E.O.s and tell them how to remedy the problem,” she said.

One of the things the article mentioned is that change happens slowly. That may seem like a negative at first glance, however, it is human nature that people are resistant to change, and gradual changes would be far more effective than several changes in all at once.
It’d be great to see what would happen with more women on corporate boards to bring peace-keeping and diplomatic skills to the table in a similar way as we have with corporate governance.

Read the article:

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Featured Woman – Tosha Zeitlin

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