Women on Top

This year, Fortune 500 companies have the highest percentage of female CEOS of all time. How many women does this ladder up to? A remarkably low 32. However, even slow change is change, and this number is up 34% from last year’s 21. The progress is promising in achieving the 100×25 initiative, a push for 100 of the Fortune 500 CEOS to be female by 2025. The Rockefeller foundation funded a research program to create an actionable plan that can be implemented to achieve this goal. This research synthesized the career paths, personality attributes and attitudes of 57 female CEOs to help crack the code of these leaders’ success, and identify future high-potential female leaders. Below are the 8 key takeaways the research yielded:

  • Women could be ready for the CEO role sooner
    • These CEOS worked harder and longer to get to the same place as their male counterparts.
  • Women are driven by achieving business results and making a positive impact.
    • Power, status and reward are not the key attraction to women pursuing a power role. Rather, a sense of purpose and desire to contribute value and shape culture.
  • Specific traits are essential to women’s success
    • Courage, risk-taking, resilience and
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Sruta Vootukuru Named “One of the Most Powerful Women in Cable”

We’re thrilled to announce that Sruta Vootukuru, Vice President of Business Development and Operations at Sling TV, has been named one of Cablefax’s “Most Powerful Women in Cable” for the second year in a row!

Cablefax is a media company and community for pay-TV and digital professionals. The Most Powerful Women in Cable award salutes accomplished women in the industry and supports strong, female leaders who are making a difference. Sruta negotiated several distribution and platform partnerships for Sling that were instrumental as the service grew from a startup to a formidable pay-TV provider and has expanded her team from a four-person outfit to an organization able to manage operations and business development on a large scale. Her innovative initiatives, leadership skills, and involvement with the community have all earned her this well-deserved recognition.

To learn more about Sruta’s fellow honorees, visit Cablefax’s website here

Sruta started at DISH in 2010 and then transitioned to Sling, where she has been pivotal in developing key operations practices. She has also demonstrated a commitment to increasing the opportunities available for other team members at both DISH and Sling with her involvement with the DISH Women’s Network.

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Learning to Lean

Technology has turned the world on its head in more ways than we count. With the wealth of advantages technology has introduced to the modern person’s life, the inability to “clock out” may be its kryptonite. Constant email access, instant messaging capabilities, and even location tracking being commonplace, it’s nearly impossible to truly step away from your work.

No matter what gender you identify as, this permanently “on” culture is harmful to mental and physical health. For women, particularly, this pressure coincides with the ever-present expectation to be a fully “on” mother and/or wife.

When an ultimatum is presented of either leaning into work, or family, both sides lose. Beyond the physical and mental implications, this burden of choice can ultimately steer women out of the workforce.  In Melinda Gates’ analysis of this conundrum, she approaches the workforce not from the entrant pipeline, but the exit. Why are people, especially women, leaving once they get in?

As the workaholic culture runs rampant, the needs of children and families do not decrease. To keep the best talent in the workplace, there need to be systems in place that offer empathy, and support to employees who balance multiple pillars of their lives. … Read more and comment

Find Your Power

Have you ever felt rejected for speaking up in a meeting or wished you would have spoken up to share your great idea? No matter what side of the spectrum you find yourself, you are not alone. This Ted Talk can help you! Social psychologist Adam Galinsky brings a fresh idea to the table. Many have been led to believe that women who don’t speak up go unnoticed, and women who do speak up get rejected solely because of their gender.

Galinsky shares years of study and personal experience to challenge this idea with the notion that rejection or disregard have little to do with gender, and more to do with power. If this is so, how do we obtain the power to be noticed and not rejected? He proposes that women need to understand two basic truths in relation to power: both how they see themselves, and how others perceive them. Power is what gives individuals the “right” to speak up. Join millions of others who have viewed this talk, and learn the tools needed to obtain that power.

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Welcome Arizona DWN Chapter!

This month, we want to give a warm welcome to our Arizona DISH Women’s Network chapter. This chapter is headed by Vanessa Dunham and has 25 founding members. Here is my interview with Vanessa:

How do you intend to use the DWN platform to build up women in the AZ office?

My desire to be a part of empowering women by mentoring opportunities, education and training, encouragements and finding resources to help us all succeed prompted me to initiate the DWN chapter in Arizona. I’m fortunate enough to find a like-minded woman named Melissa Boillot, Human Resources Manager at the Phoenix Call Center, who has the same passion for making a difference to others. In the Gilbert TOC (DISH Technologies), there are about 200 employees total, 22 of which are women. On the other hand, the Phoenix Call Center has a total of 500 employees, majority of them are women.

The purpose of the Arizona Chapter of DISH Women’s Network is to bring men and women together to promote relationships and professional growth through networking, education, career development and visibility in the community. This is also a chance for everyone to make a difference in someone’s life. We could inspire … Read more and comment

Cover the Game, Close the Gap.

Last night was not only a win for the Denver Broncos, but a win for all women in getting one step closer to gender equality. Beth Mowins now holds the title as the first woman to call a nationally-televised NFL game, as she covered the Broncos defeat of the LA Chargers at Sports Authority field last night.

At ESPN, Beth began her history-making journey calling college games- only the second woman to do so for the network. Beth’s coverage of the game generated support by Broncos players, and the NFL on social media, bringing well-deserved attention to history in the making.

Beth will continue calling nationally televised games throughout the season, and we can only hope this sets a precedent, opening the door for young women passionate about careers in the sports industry. Catch Beth covering CBS games throughout the season, including the upcoming September 24th Browns vs. Colts game.


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Women in STEM Careers

At our last DISH ATM, we were given a mission to launch the first 5G nationwide Narrowband Internet of Things (IoT) network. This effort will launch DISH into a new phase of innovation. While most of DISH will be devoted to efforts that fund the future of DISH and the IoT effort, some DISH departments will be directly contributing to the wireless effort. In those ranks will be women who have careers focused in computer science, engineering, mathematics and the business units that support them.

Women’s representation in STEM fields has increased since the 1970s, with exception of the fields of engineering and IT occupations. These STEM areas account for 80% of STEM employment. “While women earn almost 60% of the nation’s bachelor’s degrees, they account for only about 13% of computer science graduates. Across all industries, meanwhile, women hold only a quarter of STEM-based jobs (Anid, 2017).”  One area of noticeable decline has been in the number of women in IT jobs. That number has declined since the 1990s (Landivar, 2013).

The problem seems to start as far back as grade school. Young girls are not encouraged to pursue math and science as much as boys are. This is … Read more and comment

Dish Women’s Network: Liaison Launch

       As the DISH Women’s Network continues to grow and foster member’s connections, we are excited to announce the recent launch of our Meridian Liaison program! The goals of the Liaison program include increasing member engagement, growing membership and male involvement, and facilitating feedback between various departments and the greater organization. Through networking, education and career-development, our driving force is to empower women at DISH to become leaders.

       The 23 DISH Liaisons will be the main points of contact between individual departments and the network. These representatives work to engage new employees, promote awareness, encourage participation in events, and represent their department’s suggested events, speakers and other involvement opportunities. Throughout the year, the Network organizes a multitude of events, including Leader Series, Networking, Book Clubs, Education Trainings and Community Involvement. We want to ensure that the information is disseminated to you and your department in a timely fashion, and we want to hear from you!

       As you may become more involved in the Network, we encourage you to reach out to your Liaison to ask questions, provide feedback and foster new connections within- and outside of- your departments. To meet your liaison, check out the team here. We look forward … Read more and comment

Featured Woman – Patti Fries


As part of the DISH Women’s Network, we highlight key players on the DISH Leadership Team; this lets us all see the best practices and habits that have contributed to their successes. We sat down with Patti Fries, newly promoted Director of Consumer Insights at DISH, to chat about her career path, recent promotion, and overarching advice for women navigating their careers.

Born and raised in small-town Nebraska, Patti wanted from a young age to learn more about what interested her most: people. After studying Marketing, Management, and Japanese at the University of Nebraska, she pursued her master’s degree in International Management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona. She met fellow students from diverse walks of life, with over 90 countries represented in her classmates.

Asked about advice she has for career-focused individuals, Patti provides more context on her upbringing. Raised by a father who fostered a love of learning, Patti has consistently followed her curiosity. “Find something you are passionate about, and use that passion to create change you believe in” she said. For Patti, this began at Thunderbird, where she was offered a hands-on experience to design the ad launch for NordicTrack fitness equipment

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2 years, 1000+ members!

DISH Women’s Network – as we approach our second anniversary, we wanted to share some exciting news! As of this month, the Network now has over 1000 active members! We could not have grown this dramatically without the support of a fantastic volunteer leadership team, executive sponsors and your overwhelming enthusiasm!

Thank you for helping us reach this milestone, and for leaning in to your careers at DISH. We are so proud of the last two years and look forward to a fantastic future with you, continuing to grow our community.

As usual, keep an eye out on our blog and website for upcoming information. We have an exciting summer planned and will share more information as our events approach!

Not a member yet? If you would like to sign up, you will receive event information, training opportunities, and more! Sign up here.

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