About Us

Our Network’s Strategy

Provide women at DISH an environment to foster relationships and professional growth through networking, education and career-development.

Empower women at DISH to become leaders.

The DISH Women’s Network is committed to supporting the growth and success of women on a personal and professional level and seeks to sponsor events that enable them to achieve this goal. The DISH Women’s Network will drive career discussions and build networks across the company. Members will have support on a variety of work-related matters including leadership, career planning, education, and industry involvement.

Our Pillars


  • Provide opportunities to learn from internal and external executive leadership
  • Share perspective and information on a variety of career paths
  • Allow women to find answers to their career questions with other women in relevant situations
  • Share success stories and examples of relevant topics that men and women at all levels can relate to and learn from


  • Provide opportunities for junior and senior women to talk and learn from one another
  • Identify issues that women in the technology industry face and help provide solutions
  • Sponsor programs that create relevant connections with men and women both company and industry wide
  • Create a more connected and rewarding work environment

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Events Held

Meet the Leadership


Michelle Calkins


More about Michelle

During my second year at DISH I was invited to the initial brainstorming meetings designed to create a women’s network. I quickly realized that this network was crucial for career development for my peers at DISH and became an advocate for the formation of The DISH Women’s Network. After months of continuous hard work, the DISH Women’s Network launched. As a millennial woman in the tech business world, I am extremely passionate about excelling in my career, helping women achieve their goals in their careers, and am fundamentally passionate about making a change. This passion drove the creation of the network, and was happy to leverage my ambition and refusal to take no for an answer to launch this network. I believe women should be unapologetic for their drive and the traits that make them unique as women. I am extremely fortunate to have recently married my husband Aaron who has constantly made my career a priority and allowed me to dedicate as much time and effort as was needed to achieve my dreams. I am an avid pumpkin spice latte drinker and will happily grab coffee if you are interest in learning more!

Fatima Azamtarrahian

Digital Manager

More about Fatima

Fatima is a Web Designer/Front-End Developer at DISH. She wanted to be a part of DISH Women’s Network because of the importance and difference women can make in the work force.

J. Klamm

Photographer | Digital Media Content Creation

More about J

J. owns and manages several business to business call skills, ensuring the day to day functionality, training, and processes run smoothly. He joined the Dish team as an agent in 2010 after 6 years in the Air Force serving as a TACP and an F-15 Crew Chief (and trainer). His Dish experience includes Agent, Coach, Trainer, Regional Trainer and Operations Analyst. He’s a freelance photographer specializing in Boxing & MMA photography, a Graphic Designer, and enjoys anything and everything outdoors with his pup, Jasper. He spends any remaining spare time scouring Denver for the perfect bowl of Pho.

Paris Bradley


More about Paris

Together we can be the best versions of ourselves and empower one other to become leaders. I hope you get everything you can out of the DISH Women’s Network and find tools, resources and inspiration to further your career.

Alison Moy

Internal Membership Manager

More about Alison

Alison is a Partner Manager at Sling TV, acting as the liaison between Sling TV and our device partners, such as Amazon and Apple. After graduating from Wake Forest University, she began her professional career at DISH, and has held a variety of roles including CSC operations manager and executive assistant to our CEO, Charlie Ergen. She joined the Women’s Network to help empower women at DISH and to foster collaboration and support among both men and women.

Stefanie Sher

HR Manager

More about Stefanie

Stefanie came to Dish from her prior role as an Executive Recruiter at Purcell International Group. She joined in 2015 to support the Corporate Recruiting team and has recently made the move over to Sling, where she coordinates operations readiness for the business. In her role with the Dish Women’s Network, she will provide HR guidance and support and serve as a career development resource.

Danielle Zigulich

Social Media Manager

More about Danielle

Danielle is a Business Analyst on the BPaT Business Intelligence team. The Women’s Network was part of the attractiveness of Dish when she was deciding where to take her first job out of college. Danielle believes it is important to keep open communication lines with all groups of people in order to develop individually and as a company. She is excited to use DWN’s social media to keep the conversation going even outside of the network’s events.




Upcoming team members, headshots and bios to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DISH Women’s Network?

This network is dedicated to providing women at DISH an environment to foster relationships and professional growth through networking, education and career-development. It is a group that is open to men and women who work at DISH. Industry partners are also welcome to select events and can receive newsletters and network information. The DISH Women’s Network provides events such as executive speakers, networking events, industry education talks and more.

Is this group only for women? Are men invited?

Men are welcome and encouraged to get involved! This network is about building relationships, awareness and inclusion. With only 14% of executive positions in Fortune 500 companies held by women*, it will take partnership and passion to help add diversity to leadership. Together, men and women can learn, grow and build strong and powerful networks. Plus… who doesn’t want to hear great speakers, share food and drinks, and learn about this exciting industry?!

Want to learn more? Here’s a great article: http://leanin.org/news-inspiration/getting-to-5050- whats-in-it-for-men/


How can I get involved?

If you want to volunteer with the network, please drop us a line! Volunteers are needed for a variety of events and your time and talent are appreciated.

How can I get involved if I don’t work at DISH?

There are a few ways you can get involved with the network – guest speaking engagements and sponsorships. If you’d like to be an executive guest speaker, or know someone that you think would be a great fit for the network, please drop us a line! Same goes for sponsorship. We are always looking to partner with great sponsors to host our upcoming events.

Why do we need a women’s network? What about everyone else?

Based on facts, it is clear that there is a gap in the ratio of men and women working in senior positions. We hope to empower women to pursue their passions and careers – and not just women! This network is one piece in a large diversity puzzle. We encourage you to spend some time researching this topic. Ask questions! Join the conversation. And feel free to drop us a line if you want more information!