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Megan Casados, IHS Director of Training

What’s been your career progression at DISH? And what do you currently do as IHS Dir. Of Training?

I’ve been with DISH for 10 years as of July. I started at DISH full time right out of college through the University Relations program – I started as a Marketing Specialist within the sales team focused on retail services, working with our third-party retailers. I pretty quickly transitioned over to be an instructional designer creating training content for those retailers. Then I was promoted to be a manager of that group, and we started to work with a larger audience, including direct sales, sales partners, alliance management, and retention.

Most recently I moved over to IHS in September last year to be the Director of the Training group. 

What are your teams’ main responsibilities?

My teams support and train all of our technicians both for DISH satellite installs and on-site sales for DISH customers, and we also handle training for all our fulfillment work such as appliance repair. Now we’re also supporting OnTech and Wireless tower technicians as well.

The training team is structured as two primary groups. One team is located at Meridian, scoping out and working with project managers Read more and comment

Women in the Workplace 2019 – Fix the “Broken Rung”

McKinsey & Co. and LeanIn.Org recently published the 5th annual Women in the Workplace report which is the largest study of the state of women in Corporate America aiming to help companies foster diversity. Since inception, almost 600 companies and over a quarter of a million people have participated in the study. 

In the last 5 years, Women in the Workplace has seen increased women in senior leadership roles, the C-Suite in particular growing from 17% to 21%. However, women are still significantly underrepresented at every level, and this rings true even more so for women of color. While the numbers are trending in a positive direction, our rate of progress is still decades or more away from gender parity.

This year’s study highlights that to reach equality, companies must fix the “broken rung” and invest in creating a strong culture. 

The biggest obstacle for women in reaching senior leadership is the “broken rung,” as shown below. This refers to the first step into management which has the biggest gap between men and women. For every 100 men promoted and hired to manager, only 72 women are promoted and hired. Addressing this first level is integral to fueling the pipeline Read more and comment

Listening, the Missing Leadership Skill

In May, Shana Cordon of The Moxy Lab spoke to Dish Women’s Network about what it takes to advance and succeed in leadership. While technical skills are important, even in tech the top-five skills for promotion to leadership depend upon the core skills of listening, speaking, and presence.


While many training programs develop skills for executive presence, including nuances of expression and outward-going communication, we give little attention to the foundational skill of listening. Yet research shows the effects of a healthy listening culture are profound. These include:


  • Greater trust in leadership.
  • Better team engagement.
  • More effective (and shorter) meetings and one-on-ones.
  • Fewer costly communication errors.


To develop your listening skills, below are five principles you can adopt immediately:


1)  BE PRESENT & ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS—Prepare yourself to be completely in the moment. When with others, try to set aside your to-do lists, your phone and technology, and your other concerns. Your undivided attention is the greatest way to show respect and appreciation to others, which creates trust and engagement.

2)  BEFORE RESPONDING, BE PATIENT AND LISTEN COMPLETELY—Resist the Rebuttal Tendency, in which we interject our thoughts before we hear everything a speaker has to … Read more and comment

DWN Trivia Night Fundraiser for Girls Inc.


Support Girls Inc of Metro Denver at this Trivia Night Event! To participate please contribute $15 to and bring your receipt.

To participate please contribute $15 to for an individual ticket or $75 for a table! Please bring your receipt to the event to participate. This event will take place in the Meridian Café from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.

Food, beer, wine, water, soda, and snacks will be provided to all participants. This trivia night will consist of 6 rounds of questions with a different topic per round. You can sign up for either a table of 6 or an individual ticket. If you’d like to participate with a friend, please register for multiple tickets in your order. We’ll place those seats next to each other.

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