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Summer Reading Suggestions from the DWN team: Leadership

By: Kathryn Rainville

Leadership means something different for each person. With thousands of self-help books available that suggest how to harness and effectively use your leadership skills, diagnose your leadership type, etc., it is no wonder that it’s a constant point of conversation on all teams. In some sense, everyone has the ability to lead. To be sure, this does not mean that each person can lead, does lead, or will lead a team. It does, however, mean that each person can encourage, help, and empathize with their team members, and set an example of how they would like to be led. This summer, the DWN team encourages you to check out the books below, and discover your leadership potential, and what you can do to better your leadership.

Servant Leadership: A journey into the Nature of Legitimate power and greatness

By Robert K. Greenleaf

A compilation of essays that introduced the servant leadership movement in the USA. Explains the components and importance of servant leadership across different types of organizations.

The idea of servant leadership has been around since the 1970s, when Robert K. Greenleaf coined the term “servant leader” in his popular essay “Servant as Leader.” Since then, … Read more and comment

Overstock: Parity Pledge

By: Kathryn Rainville

Taking the Parity Pledge is a commitment to support and to celebrate the rise of women into the C-Suite. In December,, the e-commerce giant, was the latest large company to join the ranks of Best Buy, Cisco, and others in promising to work towards work place parity.

Companies who take the Parity Pledge promise “…to interview at least one qualified female candidate for every open executive position, vice president and above, including the C-suite and board of directors” ( With only 20% of S&P 500 executives being women, this pledge is focused on the creation of equal opportunity and advancement. credits their Women’s Network for encouraging this step forward in the promotion of equality within the organization. views this move as a compliment to the work their Women’s Network has done in fostering diversity among employees and the revelations brought forth from different points of view. In making a national pledge to the diversity it values, hopes “…to become role models for change,” says founder and CEO, Cathrin Stickney.

For more information on the Parity Pledge, and how you can further support it as an individual, visit

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