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Equal Pay Across Industries

written by: Marianie Arroyo

Gender pay differences are at the forefront of the core issues that organizations who advocate for and support women’s advancement in the workplace defend. Coming from a family that encourages women’s academic and professional development and having a CFO dad that was very supportive and whom I admire greatly; this topic was unbeknownst to me. All of this changed at 16 when I was negotiating my first professional athlete contract. I was confronted with a situation where I was expected to accept what I was offered and given the perception that anyone who had reached that level was lucky enough and that you had to accept their terms because this was the way it was done.

One of the industries where women experience a huge pay gap is in Professional Sports. In my opinion there are several factors that give you a clue like seeing few women coaches in most disciplines and very few women general managers and team owners. Salary data shows evidence that the gender pay gap is still prevalent in the business of sports in 2018. Women sports’ disciplines such as volleyball have the same average amount of sponsors and even more fans … Read more and comment

Stitch Fix: Inventory nightmare, or the part-time fashionista/part-time worker’s dream?

By: Kathryn Rainville

Katrina Lake, CEO of Stitch Fix, took her Harvard Business School e-commerce proposal to an IPO of $2 billion last fall. As the youngest woman to ever do so, Lake was praised; as one Twitter user stated, “It [was] so perfectly a ‘yes, we are ladies in charge’ moment” (Elle). For all the praise, the world confronted her with the classic female executive question: “How do you do it all?”

This question, among others in the same vein, fueled Lake, and as she stated in multiple interviews “There was one point where [she] felt [she] should be [called] a tech CEO and not a woman CEO” (Elle). This delineation is a powerful statement – a normalization of being a female executive in a male-dominated industry. Not only is she normalizing women in the C-Suite, her company employs greater than 80% women in the technology field.

Initially, Lake was doubted for her e-commerce idea. This was a challenge though, not a threat. Being a woman allowed Lake to see opportunities in e-commerce that men did not or would not attempt. In fact, her professors believed it was a complete “inventory nightmare,” and could not … Read more and comment

Happy Mother’s Day!

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What Amazon Moving to Denver Really Means

  • Guest contributor: Kathryn Rainville

As we all anxiously await Amazon to announce where it will be opening its second headquarters, some are already dreaming of a Denver with Amazon, and what it would mean. In a recent interview with the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce CEO Kristen Blessman, ABC discusses the benefits of Amazon moving here beyond the economic payout. While Amazon may be questioning whether Denver can provide the workforce that they need, Kristen Blessman points to the obvious: in a city becoming more focused on the tech industry, Amazon would thrive in our community. Not only would the organization bring talent to the state, but the state would provide would likely be able to obtain greater funding for STEM fields, which would focus on boosting women and young girls into the technology industry.

Finally, and perhaps the most exciting revelation in this interview, was Blessman’s announcement that based on a presentation researched by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce last year, “the wage gap is shrinking and doing really well in tech.” While men still dominate, “there’s less of a wage gap in tech jobs than there are in other industries that are actually dominated by women” ( team). … Read more and comment