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Mentor? Ment-Her

The #MeToo movement has taken the nation by storm, generating an onslaught of reactions and support for women around the growing number of incidents being brought to light. Suffice to say, men and women alike have expressed feelings of sadness, anger, frustration and confusion in the wake of allegations.  While the nation continues to grapple with how to provide women with security and safety in the workplace and find a path forward, a recent study surfaced an unprecedented impact of the movement.

In a survey published by Lean In and SurveyMonkey, we learn that nearly half of male managers report being uncomfortable mentoring women, socializing with them, or working alone with them.  How did we get to this point? In the midst of a #MeToo era, the number of men fearful of mentoring women has tripled.

If not swiftly addressed, and oriented into a plan of action, this fear will have lasting, detrimental effects on the advancement of women in the workplace. After all, it’s not one sole mentor women and men attribute career impact to, but a network of mentors, inclusive of men and women. As it currently stands, “Women are 54% less likely to have a sponsor … Read more and comment

Leader Series: SVP, Jamia Bigalow from Fox Networks


Please join us on Wednesday, February 21st from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM as we continue our Leader Series with guest speakerJamia Bigalow, SVP, Distribution Marketing at Fox Networks.

Doors will open at 11:45 and will close for the event at 12:05.

Please notify us if your availability changes ( and we will open seats on the waitlist as soon as they become available. We look forward to seeing you there!

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