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Women on Top

This year, Fortune 500 companies have the highest percentage of female CEOS of all time. How many women does this ladder up to? A remarkably low 32. However, even slow change is change, and this number is up 34% from last year’s 21. The progress is promising in achieving the 100×25 initiative, a push for 100 of the Fortune 500 CEOS to be female by 2025. The Rockefeller foundation funded a research program to create an actionable plan that can be implemented to achieve this goal. This research synthesized the career paths, personality attributes and attitudes of 57 female CEOs to help crack the code of these leaders’ success, and identify future high-potential female leaders. Below are the 8 key takeaways the research yielded:

  • Women could be ready for the CEO role sooner
    • These CEOS worked harder and longer to get to the same place as their male counterparts.
  • Women are driven by achieving business results and making a positive impact.
    • Power, status and reward are not the key attraction to women pursuing a power role. Rather, a sense of purpose and desire to contribute value and shape culture.
  • Specific traits are essential to women’s success
    • Courage, risk-taking, resilience and
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