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Featured Woman: Janet Gipson

I recently sat down with Janet Gipson– VP of DISH Sales and Marketing– to discuss the recent launch of SlingStudio, her career path, and advice she has for those looking to navigate their own!

Q: Congratulations on the recent SlingStudio launch! It’s so exciting to see our leadership team being recognized and supported across the company. Many junior women are working towards multi-year career plans.What advice do you have for these women to set themselves up for success and proactively seek opportunity?

 A: Thank you!  SlingStudio is an exciting product and really demonstrates the commitment to innovation with DISH.  I am excited about the potential for new markets that we have untapped with this new product.

My advice is simple-  the best thing you can do is to take every assignment seriously and deliver your best work.  You will build your ‘living resume’ and support your growth and desire to move up within the company.  Any cross-functional team that you participate in or initiative               that you’ve been tapped to manage allows you to build your brand and therefore set the foundation for future positions that you may seek.  No job or task is too small to consider this.  … Read more and comment