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Reviewing “A Rare Corner of Finance Where Women Dominate”

In, “A Rare Corner of Finance Where Women Dominate,” the article discusses how women are pioneering the way in corporate governance for mutual and pension funds. Corporate governance votes on Directors of a company’s board, and also make decisions affecting teachers, doctors, government workers, and people who have 401(k) accounts.

Why are there more women in this sphere than in other areas of finance? The article mentions engaging in companies, a diplomatic message to work with companies rather than coming in with guns blazing.

Michelle Edkins of BlackRock said women tended to be less confrontational than men. “We don’t meet with C.E.O.s and tell them how to remedy the problem,” she said.

One of the things the article mentioned is that change happens slowly. That may seem like a negative at first glance, however, it is human nature that people are resistant to change, and gradual changes would be far more effective than several changes in all at once.
It’d be great to see what would happen with more women on corporate boards to bring peace-keeping and diplomatic skills to the table in a similar way as we have with corporate governance.

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Leader Series: Robin Hickenlooper


Please join us on Wednesday, February 1st from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM where we continue our Leader Series with guest speaker Robin Hickenlooper, SVP of Corporate Development at Liberty Media, Chipotle Board Member, and First Lady of Colorado.

This event has limited seating. Please notify us if your availability changes ( and we will open seats on the waitlist as soon as they become available. We look forward to seeing you there!


Robin is a Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Liberty Media Corporation.

In her role at Liberty Media, Robin is responsible for identifying investment opportunities in the media, technology and eCommerce arenas, oversight of Liberty portfolio companies and assisting in the business development efforts of the portfolio companies.  Robin currently serves on the Board of Directors of FTD Companies, Inc. and Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., several private companies and served on the Board of Directors of SiriusXM.  In addition, she co-founded and helps lead the Women’s eCommerce Network, a program whose mission is to unite female leaders in eCommerce, media and technology and provide an opportunity for promising female entrepreneurs to enhance and improve their businesses.

Robin received her

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Voices of Experience, Executive Leadership Series: Featuring Mary Rhinehart


Voices of Experience: Four Values for Leading and Succeeding, hosted by the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business, is a wonderful opportunity to hear the story of Mary Rhinehart, Chairman, President, and CEO of Johns Manville. Rhinehart has spent nearly four decades at Johns Manville and will share her leadership journey as well as her wisdom and insights for leadership and success. To hear her speak:

Monday, January 9| 6 – 7:30 p.m.

Newman Center for the Performing Arts

2344 E Iliff Avenue

Denver, CO 80208

Networking reception to follow

Free and open to the public


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The Ambition Interviews: An Overview

The Ambition Interviews are a series of interviews about career women after college—with kids, without kids, staying at home, working part-time, working full-time, you name it.

The first impression I had of these interviews was “Wow!” That wow, however, was a wow tinged with sadness. Not because women everywhere are succeeding in the working world and raising children, but because of the huge sacrifices we all make in order to have a family and work at the same time.

Women in the working world, with its traditional nine-to-five hours that oftentimes stretch into 60+ hours a week, is like going through a meat grinder and trying to remain intact. And these are the stories of successful, educated women who are struggling with everything. The interviews don’t even go through what it’s like for single moms or those who struggle at the bottom, which is certainly that much worse.

But beyond that sadness, something stirs. A blend of creativity, wisdom, and authenticity is brewing. Wild, mad, excited, and crazy hope is rising: Rather than trying to squeeze into a box that we do not fit, that we will instead create wide open spaces in which we can grow and thrive.


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