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Book Club: Knowing Your Value

Looking to connect with your colleagues and learn a little bit at the same time? Join us for a casual conversation about the books that are shaping leadership, management and today’s culture.  Each quarter we’ll select a book, set a date and meet to discuss our takeaways, thoughts and potential applications. The second book we will be reading together is KNOWING YOUR VALUE:Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth by Mika Brzezinski.

If you’ve already read it, or if you’ve wanted to read it but haven’t had the time, now is your chance! We hope to see you on May 13th and look forward to your suggestions on future selections.… Read more and comment

Leadership Panel

Monday, March 14th we will host our first Leadership Panel. This executive discussion will focus on career development at DISH.

The panel will include:

Val Rector, Corporate Talent Acquisition Director
Tosha Zeitlin, Director of IT Service Management
Rachelle Carpenter, Director of CSC HR
Kara Stegman, Director of Existing Customer Communications

This panel will take place in Pike’s Peak from 12:00-1:15. Please note seating is limited to the first 60 people, however we will open wait list seats as they become available. Please notify us if your availability changes and you are no longer able to attend.

Watch the video of the leadership panel below

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Disney’s Zootopia Features A Groundbreaking Female Lead

Today Disney’s latest animated film, Zootopia, premieres in theatres across the country. But their newest film is uniquely different than any other animated movie. In Zootopia, the protagonist is a driven, intelligent bunny named Judy Hopps, who dreams of having a professional life, not of finding her prince. It’s been unheard of in mainstream animation to have the female lead’s love interest be her career, not a charming prince. This movie is groundbreaking for Disney, and personally I’m thrilled to see a different type of female lead portrayed to our youth. Read Article

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Sheryl Sandberg recently posted on Facebook an ad for laundry detergent. Why detergent, you ask? The award-winning campaign, #ShareTheLoad pushes for equal division of household responsibilities between husband and wife. In her post, Sheryl points out that gender stereotypes are passed down from generation to generation and that we need to be cognizant of the roles we are modelling for children. Her post has been shared over 270,000 times.

View the post here.

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-Guest Columnist Natalie Wedell

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