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No Snow Days!

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg shared the below status and the link to the corresponding article:

Why am I not surprised? Only women came to work at the Senate yesterday after the big D.C. blizzard.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski looked around the Senate chamber and noticed “the presiding officer is female. All of our parliamentarians are female. Our floor managers are female. All of our pages are female. Something is genuinely different — and something is genuinely fabulous.” Here’s to more proof that women can weather any storm. ‪#‎LeanIn

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The Coxless Crew – One Boat, One Ocean, FOUR Women

Yesterday, a team of women arrived in Australia, ending their 8,446 mile unsupported journey of rowing across the Pacific Ocean in a 29 foot rowing boat from America to Australia. This journey began in April 2015 and has never been done before by an all-female crew. Their vision was to inspire others to reach their own potential and support women that have had to face extreme adversity.  Their goal was to raise money for Walking with the Wounded and Breast Cancer Care survivors.

The journey consisted of 6 core values: Strength, Perseverance, Integrity, Resilience, Inspiration and Trust (SPIRIT). Sir Ranulph Fiennes, an ambassador to this journey, stated:  “Always during a journey into the unknown there are moments when we want to turn back, when we lose sight of our direction and even our purpose.” These women were determined to achieve their goal, did not let anything get in their way and overcame a huge mental and physical undertaking. To read more about this journey, click here.

The DISH Women’s Network applauds this group of women and is proud to feature them on our blog. We look to these types of women who portray strength and bravery. This accomplishment

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One Giant Leap for Womankind

It’s been a week for the history books! Earlier this week the NFL added its first full-time female coach on the Buffalo Bills team and yesterday NASA announced that for the first time in history their astronaut class will be 50% female. To read more about the four women accepted into the NASA class, click here.

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Kathryn Smith hired by Bills as NFL’s first female full-time coach

As we head into the Broncos playoff weekend, clad in our orange and blue and ready to cheer, we are pleased to share this news post about the addition of the first full-time female coach to the NFL coaching world. Katheryn Smith was promoted to assistant coach of the Buffalo Bills. Over the summer, the first female coach Jen Welter was added as a training camp coach on the Arizona Cardinals over the summer. Each of these women demonstrate the hard work and passion women can bring to the table.

 As avid sports fans, we are thrilled to see this inclusion. Read article

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